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We are a local minority / woman owned and operated business with over 24 years of rental, event planning and customer service experience.  Having some experience on the customer side of this industry we realized there was an opportunity to create a different kind of company.  One with a laser focused passion toward customer service.  At Clean Portables, we make all of our customers one simple promise that seems to be lost in much of today’s business world – We’ll be responsive and do what we say we’re going to do, always.

01. Our Vision

To become the employer of choice in the portable hire industry and set a new standard of service for our family of customers.

02. Our Mission

To be the most customer focused portable hire company in the industry and consistently deliver value based solutions to our customers.

03. Our Values

Safety – Always ensuring the well-being of our employees, customers and community. 

People – Always demonstrating a passion for our people by creating growth opportunities through teamwork and customer service. 

Customer Committed – Always focused on providing an unmatched level of responsiveness, collaboration and flexibility to our customers. 

Integrity – Always transparent in our actions and upholding the highest level of ethical standards in all of our interactions.